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Retailers are no longer worried about customers becoming brand loyalists and leaving them. They’re working with more brands, and they’re looking to innovate. They know today’s customers want storytelling, so they’re letting brands in. And brands know better than to

They know that there are these co-retailing spaces and they know that it costs money to be a part of them. It doesn't necessarily mean that another retail store has actually endorsed you and spent money to buy your product.

You're going to have a chance to experience brands unlike you have before. Being that they're going to be in your hands, in your face and in your minds and on your phone all at once, and all at one

I ask designers with small brands about their goals. How much time are they willing to dedicate to this? Is this a hobby or something they are investing their time and energy into? Where do they want to be in

Syama Meagher… cited a recent flurry of inquiries from American brands asking when they might be able to open up shop in Cuba. She predicted most retail development in the country will be attached to hotels and resorts, as is